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Every day people are becoming more and more preoccupied with reducing air quality and its effects at home and at work.
All Consulfrio’s air conditioning systems comply with directives born from the Kyoto agreement (1997) and enforced by ratifying parties in 2006.
Also the European Community has also created laws for new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) projects that improve energy efficiency, air quality, and plant maintenance.
Over the years Consulfrio has developed HVAC projects where the main focus has been reducing energy consumption by requiring equipment with speed controls and high outputs.

Changing climate conditions oblige us to develop eco-friendly technologies. For each case, the Consulfrio team has the ‘know how’ to choose the most appropriate technical, economic, and energy efficient solution.
This is supported by computerized management systems that redefine the plant’s refrigeration parameters.
Thermographic photos taken during refrigeration plant audits has assisted clients in reducing energy losses resulting from prior bad insulation.
Consulfrio always optimises each refrigerating plant for example, profiting from hot gas to produce hot water for washes or to heat the floors.
Refrigeration project specifications include details of all equipment to be installed, allowing the client to have a better refrigeration plant.

We offer bespoke refrigeration solutions. Our planning and implementations are sustained by a continual update of refrigeration engineering solutions. From plant layout optimisation to refrigeration system selection we minimise monetary and energy costs.
We also provide eco-friendly refrigeration projects that are completely green by using either ammonia, or carbon dioxide as refrigerating fluids.
We therefore, study, develop the projects and follow up on the fiscalization of industrial refrigeration installations, mainly in the following areas: storage chambers for fresh and frozen products, ice manufacture, freezing tunnels, brewery refrigerating plants, gas liquidification plants, special plants for cheese and ham treatment, distribution centres, slaughterhouses, refrigerated warehouses.

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