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Consulfrio was established on June 26 th 1996 by Eng. Francisco Cunha, expert in refrigeration. Its primary specialization was the development of refrigeration projects.
Typical spheres of works also included: specification for tenders, analysis of tenders and supervision of assemblies.
Today, the curriculum of its engineers include worldwide refrigeration projects for facilities in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Algeria, Venezuela, Poland, Brazil, etc.
The rigour in project implementation, in monitoring of their works and independence from the installation Companies led to gradual recognition and international acceptance.
Currently, main customers in Portugal besides the group Jeronimo Martins with its shops Pingo Doce, Recheio and Feira Nova, include the following groups: Carrefour (now Sonae in Portugal), the “Mousquetaires” with its shops Ecomarché and Intermarché.

We help interesting companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting relationships.

In Memoriam

The Founder

Francisco Cunha Consulfrio’s founder.

Francisco Cunha was always a complete professional, combining technical expertise, commercial ability, and knowledge with honesty, optimism, a sense of humor, and a zest for life. Francisco upheld a standard for accuracy, maintained cordial relationships with those around him, and exuded friendship, energy, and enthusiasm.
In addition to his business skills, there was room in his life for the enjoyment of other good things – always in the company of family and friends.
Francisco was an excellent photographer and left behind beautiful pictures of both people and places – a record of his travels both in Portugal and abroad. He was athletic (and sometimes a bit of a daredevil) and a champion snooker player.
Francisco was always open to learning – new ideas, techniques, and scientific discoveries – but he also had a love for ancient cultures. He had a gift for writing, particularly poetry, and a beautiful voice, both for speaking and singing, which made it a pleasure to listen as he recited his poetry. At age 68, he began learning to play the guitar, which he did as long as his health permitted. He even was famous for his cod-bread soup.
With such an engaging personality, he was loved by all.